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Sea Change by Karen White
A neat way to recap the book,enjoy her trailer for it!

I really love Karen's novels but this one was just alright. I thought it was not as light and happy as the majority of her work. There are lots of family secrets to keep track of or figure out. A great idillic Southern setting though! At least the ending solves pretty much everything and it is written well;just not a favorite of mine. I give it a C/B.

Missing Persons by Clare O'Donohue

Kate Conway is in the middle of a painful divorce when her about-to-be-ex-husband dies. The coroner writes up the cause of death as “undetermined,” starting a police investigation with Kate as the main suspect. But that’s not her only problem. Her husband’s new girlfriend wants desperately to be friends, her almost ex-in-laws won’t leave her alone, and Kate finds herself mourning a man she thought she no longer loved.
And it only gets worse. Her job as a television field producer for the true crime show “Missing Persons” puts her in the middle of a search for a twenty-two-year-old woman who disappeared a year earlier. The woman, Theresa Moretti, did volunteer work and planned to be a nurse. According to her mother, she was a dream child. But her best friend hints at a darker side, and her ex-boyfriend seems like a stalker. Then there’s the brother with a bad temper, the current boyfriend looking for his fifteen minutes of fame, and a prominent lawyer who says he barely knew Theresa, but seems way too interested in the case – and in Kate.
Kate keeps telling herself she doesn’t really care what happened to Theresa. All she wants is a clichĂ© true crime story and enough footage for twenty-two minutes of air time, but things don’t work out that way. She finds herself reluctantly drawn into the missing woman’s life, and in the process uncovers some hard truths about her own lost opportunities. As she digs deeper, it becomes clear that someone is trying to stop her. Kate has just one choice – find out what happened to her husband, and to Theresa, before a third person ends up dead – her.
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I really enjoyed this book, two deaths to solve and an funny character to connect with. Also, the setting is Chicago so that was neat to know the exact places she mentions/describes. The plot had me continually guessing/trying to figure out the ending. A fun and quick read! I am looking forward to more books by Clare. I give this an A.

Exs and Ohs by Beth Kendrick

Child psychologist Gwen Traynor has learned the hard way that “perfect” men aren’t always what they seem. After being dumped the night before her wedding, she’s understandably wary of diving back into the dating pool. But when she meets Alex Coughlin, she’s convinced her luck is changing. He’s smart, handsome, funny—an ideal rebound guy. She doesn’t intend to fall in love with him, but scintillating dates and mind-blowing physical chemistry have a way of winning a girl over.
Enter the ex…
Just as things are heating up with Alex, Gwen meets her newest patient—a precocious preschooler whose chaotic soap-opera-actress of a mother, Harmony, sounds an awful lot like one of Alex’s crazy ex-girlfriends. Mostly because she is one of Alex’s crazy ex-girlfriends. Unfortunately for Gwen, Harmony has a secret that plunges them all into a real-life daytime drama, complete with sex, lies, and Vegas elopements. With Harmony determined to reunite with Alex and Gwen’s ex-fiancĂ© begging for a second chance, only one thing is certain: new loves and old flames are an explosive combination
(thanks to her website)

I liked this book but I found it annoying with how many exs there were and who was with whom. Also, I thought the whole Carter/Francesca relationship came out of nowhere and was sort of forced. Although this is a funny story it was dull at the end;the Alex character drove me batty but his bizarre reasonings and decisions about Harmony. I give this a C.

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  1. Ooo missing persons looks right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. And for visiting my review/blog. : ]

  2. The first book sounds so good!!


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