Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Club

It is Book Club Friday over on Heather's blog so tell us what you read this week!

1. Darkness Gathers by Lisa Miscione (currently known as Lisa Unger)

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Fresh from a tour promoting her last case, reclusive true crime writer Lydia Strong receives an anonymous cry for help, begging her to find and protect Tatiana Quinn, "and all the other girls in need of rescue." Maybe the plea strikes close to her heart; maybe her investigator's intuition starts buzzing. She takes it on. But this simple case of a missing teenager soon becomes much more. Someone wants Lydia to drop the case, someone powerful, someone anxious enough to engineer the reappearance of one of Lydia's first--and most dangerous--adversaries. Now, in addition to tracing the roots of Tatiana's disappearance on a trail across the country and eventually overseas, Lydia must find the man who wants her dead, his unfinished business from years ago.
Another great mystery! I love the characters of Lydia and Jeffrey and so this book continues their story while figuring out another murder mystery. It is pretty rough/intense in a couple areas with graphic details but it makes you feel more for the characters,etc. Oh and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but we see more of Jed's character-yikes!! I am looking forward to reading the third installment! I give this a solid B.

2. A Place Called Morning by Ann Tatlock

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Mae Demaray was a well-adjusted if somewhat cold woman with a strong faith in God until her grandson was killed in an accident while in her care. Although nobody blames Mae for the tragedy, she feels that it was her fault. As the years pass, her faith slowly crumbles, and she begins to withdraw from the world. Soon Mae's only companion is Roy a mentally impaired man her mother had taken pity on in their youth. It is owing to Roy that family secrets are revealed, secrets that bring Mae back to the world as well as to God.

I liked this book, however, I thought it was more sad than happy. One terrible happening after another for the main character. I loved the overall idea though of being able to forgive yourself and letting God back into your life and heart. I also give this book a B.

Happy Reading, Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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