Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Favorite holiday traditions

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

We are a big traditional family and Christmas is always about Jesus' birthday and being together as a  family. We enjoy the two days of celebration by coming together and having fun.

Tree: We always go buy the tree the Sunday before Christmas (maybe "late" in the season but we keep it up until after the New Year because that is when the Wise Men come...). Anyways, I love going to the tree place that we have gone to for most of my life and roaming the aisles to find the perfect tree. Then we decorate the tree the next day (or two) and usually my older sister and Lovebugs come over to help and we swap ornaments. Decorating the tree is my favorite!

Christmas Eve is spent at my parent's house for a classic Polish dinner while we wait for Santa to stop by. When I was growing up this dinner would take place at my grandparents' and I remember waiting and waiting by their fire place,etc for the arrival of Santa and yet I always seemed to miss him each year :) It is even more fun now with my nieces and nephews because they get so excited about catching Santa too. Also on Christmas Eve we devour my oldest brother J's cookies that he makes.

Christmas Day we go to Mass, then have breakfast at my sister's house and open family gifts. We take a break in the afternoon then get back together for Christmas Dinner.

Nothing too crazy yet it is a simple and enjoyable way to celebrate the true reason for the season. I LOVE our traditions.

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  1. I love your traditions. I definitely want our daughter to know the true reason for Christmas while still having the other side of it as well. :)


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