Monday, October 31, 2011

Style Monday: Kate Middleton

This week I chose the lovely and oh-so-classic-Princess, Kate Middleton (I mean, Duchess of Cambridge).

I just think she has a great, normal sense of style and I love that she "recycles" (the term the press has given it) clothes like a real person.



(thanks, google)

Whose fashion are you admiring?
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  1. She is one of my favorite ladies! such class and style.

  2. Princess Kate is a stunning woman! I love her style - so graceful and pretty, just like a princess should be!

  3. she's got the cool preppy princess vibe going on.

  4. She has such great style. Fresh. Young. Clean.

  5. She is so gorgeous! I would love to have access to her closet!! Thanks for linking up!


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