Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Moments

What a great monday it was!

Hung out with the B-man per usual

I ate some pumpkin bread for breakfast (I made it yesterday, thank you very much)

Had a last-minute chat session with bestie B over coffee

Surprised LB #2 with a frapp from Starbucks when I picked her up from school

The "perfect" Fall morning weather---wind, rain and clouds :)

New episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-O and Castle tonight....and looking forward to Hart of Dixie (I hope it is good!)

How was yours?


  1. Pumpkin bread sounds amazing- I really need to break out the fall recipes! It just hasn't felt like fall here since its still in the 90s!

  2. Loved how i met your mother tonight! So funny. Pumpkin bread sounds delicious...send me some? :)


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