Thursday, September 8, 2011

A baby moooo

Tuesday I was with  the B-man so we went to the Farm for our morning activity. It was fun and it is so funny to hear him say all the animal sounds as he is looking at the correct one.


I was probably more thrilled than he was though when we walked into the barn and saw this little cutie!! He was running all over his stall...although before we left the Farm, B-man did want to go back and see the "baby mooo" again.

Oh, and he had to wave and say "bye bye" to the animals as we walked away..."bye bye moo" "bye bye neigh" "bye bye oink".....

Have I ever mentioned that I love being able to spend a couple days a week with my buddy?!


  1. baby cow= so cute!!!

  2. Looks like you two had such a fun time! What farm did you go to? Are you excited for fall and pumpkin picking with your little love? ;)


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