Thursday, August 25, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Whenever I give the Lovebugs an unexpected treat/surprise I like to throw in a little treasure hunt or riddle or clue for them to find it. This time was no different!

My sister went back to work this week so that means I have too; and since the girls don't start school until next monday I have all three Lovebugs this week. So I thought a little present for them on our first day would be a fun way to kick off the week.

I bought a super fun and easy game, Zigity which I wrapped up and put in their uniform drawer. Then I made them each two clues to find in order to find the game. B's first clue leads her to the cottonballs and then her second clue says "drawer". A's first clue leads her to her piggy bank and then she finds the second clue that says "uniform". The girls then have to work together to put their words together to find the present :) It wasn't too hard, it is all for fun anyways.

I have heard that they like my little treasure hunts as much as I like creating them.

Happy Monday!


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