Friday, August 5, 2011


Once again Friday has arrived...Lauren's questions this week:

1.   My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is       i don't go to a lot of weddings but i do have an awesome simple black dress. although for my upcoming cousins's wedding i bought a new dress from the loft; it is white on top and black suede on the bottom and i love it  .

2.  This week has been     calm with fun bits thrown into it .

3.  When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat      cereal .

4.  My favorite pair of shoes is  my black reefs or my purple nine west pumps .

5.  A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I could never part with is      ummmm i don't really own stuff like this. all my items are things i use or decorate with. although i guess you could say most of the books on my bookshelf are unnecessary since i don't re-read them; but i love books .

6.  My favorite person is      I can't pick just one so i plead the fifth!  .

7.  If I were going to write my own blank it would say       If you could live in any other State, which one would it be? I would pick Colorado or Montana because they both have mountains and goregous views. Or I would pick Tennessee because I have a slight desire to see the South

Have a great weekend!

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