Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sometimes I wonder when it will be my turn to have good news to share

Sometimes I am so upset with my situation that I am just plain mad

Sometimes I feel as though God has forgotten about me

Sometimes I am just too pissed off with Him

Sometimes I have a "just don't care anymore" attitude

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing wrong

Sometimes I am just so frustrated with everything

Sometimes I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I don't have a full-time teaching job, still yet

Sometimes I feel as though I have a lack of confidence in my teaching abilities

Sometimes I forget that He is by my side, through it all, especially during the hard times

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I can't change anything about my situation

Sometimes I just beg God to give me a sign that things will turn around

Sometimes my desire and need to have my own classroom is so strong that it just makes me ache

Sometimes I just don't feel like being happy and optimistic about it all

Sometimes I question Him and His ways

Sometimes I just need to vent

Sometimes I become so wrapped up in myself and my own problems that I forget about how big I am already blessed

Sometimes it feels good to let it all out!

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  1. I feel that same way lots of times. It will pass and just remember that Brendan would be lots without you!


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