Thursday, May 22, 2014

happy moments

Earlier in the week I was feeling sorry for myself and bummed about my lack-of-a-real-teaching-job-situation so I was more than thrilled to take a day off of work and hang out with my favorite 4 yr old dude.

 He had a "Spring Sing" at his school in the morning so I went to see him. The bow tie just about killed everyone :)

Starbucks stop afterwards before the park and more outside playing:

Chalk drawing and writing!

Watching the Hawks game at night....

I had a good,happy moment filled day. Most of my days are good and I know I am incredibly blessed with what I do have but like everyone,we all have those days when you just aren't feeling it and you just want to vent,cry,be mad. 

(Thanks to my big brothers and Bestie K for letting me text ya like crazy listening to me the other night!!!)

Hooray for Friday Eve!!!

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  1. wow, that hurts. I didn't get any texts the other night.


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