Thursday, February 27, 2014

i'm the kinda girl who....


I'm the kinda girl who:

needs coffee in the morning
relishes the quiet moments
loves a good book
is addicted to tv shows
would rather paint my own nails than get a manicure since it doesn't last that long;BUT i love to get a mani/pedi every now and then
thinks weekends are for sleeping in
bakes great scones and breads
knows her way around a kitchen
who dreams about Australia all.the.time.
who prays about everything
know He is with me,always
sings and dances in the car
loves to listen to eric and kathy on the mix on the morning drive
likes sarcasm and has an abundance of it
loves being a teacher
enjoys target,the loft and von maur a bit too much at times
wants a big family of my own
savors a glass (or two) of red wine after work
loves traveling
loves going out on her own
knows she can't sing so she doesn't
gets starstruck by Blackhawk and Cubs players

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