Friday, February 15, 2013

friday's letters


Thanks, Ashley!!

dear weekend, you are here! not much planned but that works for me,relaxing/reading.sleeping in is always welcomed :)

dear coffee break, grande iced coffee + berry coffee cake made my morning!

dear bman, you make me smile and laugh all the time, i love when you ask, "auntie vic,want to snuggle snuggle?"

dear murder list by Julie Garwood,you are a fast and enjoyable read. i am always a sucker for romance and mystery!

dear elementary, you are such a great show,last night's episode was especially hilarious with Sherlock's usual antics.

dear 3-day weekends,two of you in a row, how awesome!

Happy Weekend,all!

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  1. i hate i didn't continue watching elementary. I watched the first two episodes but got bored. I knew it would end up being good will have to catch up this summer.


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