Sunday, March 18, 2012

right now...sunday's confessions

lots of things and ideas are floating around in my head:

Thanks, Alyx!

i am NY bound in 8 days!!! wooooooo

i am bummed that apparently live with kelly will NOT be taping that week i am in town, i mean come on! no fair!

this hot weather we are now experiencing is already too much. i am just not a fan of the constant sweating and slightly fizzy hair. it is only march anyways!

lovebug #1 is participating in  5k in june, apparently she needs a running buddy so this just might be the kick-in-the-butt that i need to start running again.

i was not a fan of the very end of the white collar season finale. i know that it aired weeks ago but i still am disappointed in how they left things. boo!

psych is becoming a little too dumb, shawn is even more stupid than ever and it is getting old.

it is the middle of march, how the heck did that happen?!

i love my new greenteajewels necklace i treated myself to last week. perfection! and i have received so many compliments on it.

my older sister is the best, she bought me a new purse for my ny trip. my first ever vera bradley purse! a cute one that goes across my body (perfect for walking the ny streets!)

i love family dinners.

friends reruns always make me happy.

hearing lovebug #4/bman say "snuggle me?" always melts my heart. and having his little arms wrapped around my neck, as though he will never let go just makes me smile and feel oh-so-loved.

water with a slice of lemon in it is heaven in a glass!

i am itching to go back to von maur and purchase an amazing jessica simpson dress that is on sale. it makes me look pretty darn good and it would be perfect for the Summer parties/weddings i have on my calendar.

sarah strohmeyer is a great author,her books are fun and fast reads. currently i am reading the cinderella pact.

what is floating around in your head?
happy sunday!


  1. OMG I love the Friends marathons Nick at Night has been having! Hubs and I watch it all the time lol.

  2. friends is my favorite! haha i have every single season on dvd and it just makes me laugh so hard. also, i'm jealous of your NY trip..have so much fun!!

  3. Man, I'm missing out on a bunch of great television out here, but maybe that's a good thing if Psych is going downhill? That used to be one of my favorite shows!
    And sweet, New York! Have a blast!!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. Friends is my favorite!!!
    no matter how many times i re-watch it from season 1 to final, i always laugh. love that people


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