Thursday, December 29, 2011

thursday fun

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that...

I am loving not having to go back to work until next weds

it seems impossible that the Bman will be TWO next week!

I can't believe Christmas is over already...and my brothers have returned to their homes out of state.

I stayed up until after 1am last night reading (I finished up the distant hours, then I read/skimmed bossypants, I completely read the lost december, and I stared the strangers on Montague street)

I don't want to take my Christmas decorations down we are still waiting for the Epiphany!

I have eaten an obscene amount of sugar/cookies/sweets in the last week

I feel like giving up fancy Starbucks drinks;I have been drinking more iced coffee rather than espresso and like it more (plus it is easier on my wallet!)

I really want to start running again---maybe participate in a 5k next year?!

I wasn't dressed for the day until around 1pm today :)

I am floored that I have 50 followers and I have some giveaway ideas churning in my head just because you all are awesome!

I have no clue where 2011 went, how is it going to be 2012 in 2 days?!

I really hope there is more excitement in my personal (and professional) life in 2012

I use link-ups as regular blog posts :)

Thanks again, Amber and Neely!


  1. Ha, this linkup is such a fun idea! I don't want to take my Christmas decor down either. :)

  2. I love not having to work, too! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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