Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It is wednesday so that means it is time for "what i love"...

I am loving...

that the CMA awards are on tonight

that Faith Hill is debuting her new single tonight! I love Faith Hill!

that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away

playing puppets with Lovebug  #4

eating the cinnamon scones I made yesterday;and having my nieces and nephew gobble them down this morn when I surprised them

having a 4 day weekend coming up!

that tomorrow will be a relaxing and quiet day at home-they don't come along that often

all the veterans that have or are currently serving this country-thank you all!

my 35 followers, so close to 40 and yet I am still amazed that anyone finds my blog worth while lol

Jillian Michael's 30-day shred dvd; I just started it this week but it is tough and makes you sweat and sore the next day...always good things though :)

reading books with the Bman (aka lovebug #4) because he likes to repeat the words or sentences I say

when I ask Bman if he is "ready" he says, "readyyyy"; and he likes to tell strangers "hello guy" or "bye guy" and when I tell him it was not a guy but a girl/lady he still says "guy". I guess we will keep working on that one

that I not on board the holiday/christmas train  just yet (it is only november 9th people!)...but I do have most of my shopping done because it is the best part

drinking peppermint tea---an enjoyable treat for the winter season that is approaching

the scarf and nail polish that Ashley sent me for the blog swap we participated in

Join Jamie,too!

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