Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's okay...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that...

it is just about noon and I am still not showered for the day (hey, what are days off for?!)

at least I have done some chores and worked out already

I am looking forward to making nutella chocolate chip cookies later-they are awesome!

I am bummed Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year last night....Keith Urban put on an AMAZING show so I don't know how anyone could have topped him

I wasn't that thrilled with Faith Hill's song/performance. I wasn't digging her look/outfit...but I can't wait for her cd to come out

my "big" plans for the day involve painting my nails, baking cookies, reading and watching some burn notice

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping; what can I say, I love shopping for my nieces/nephews :)

it is absolutely hilarious when the Bman says "hiyaaa" and punches/kicks the couch/chair. But it is not funny when he says "hiyaaa" and kicks/punches you :) Oh his older sisters are sometimes the best teachers!

I love when the Bman wakes up from his nap and I wait until he starts yelling for me, "gic,ic,gic,vic" and when I open his door he usually has a big smile on his face and I say, "hey buddy, how was your nap?" and he responds, "hi gic....good!"

I am excited for new episodes of my tv shows tonight :)

today is thursday and I am soaking it up!

What are you "okay" with today? Join Amber and Neely too!


  1. Love this list, sounds like a great day!

  2. love this! how about i didnt shower all day... just used some dry shampoo to make my hair look decent. ha! and i totally agree about the cmas- i just finished a blog about them, ill be posting it tomorrow!


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